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If you have an Android phone you may want to check my new water balance and water loss PI App „EasyCalc mobile” which can now be downloaded from the Play Store. It is completely new and I would appreciate comments which will be considered in the first update.

This is what this App is all about:

EasyCalcmobile helps water utilities and consultants to establish an initial water balance and calculate water loss performance indicators.

For many years, Non-Revenue Water (NRW) practitioners have been using the free water balance software WB-EasyCalc (can be downloaded from for their detailed water balance and performance indicator calculations. For such an analysis a lot of information and data is required, but often not readily available.

The app EasyCalcmobile intends to bridge the gap between “no idea about the NRW situation” and a detailed water audit using WB-EasyCalc. The app will be most useful for example in initial discussions with a water utility manager when only most basic data are readily available and the app’s default values can be used to fill the blanks. Rough estimates of potential 95% confidence intervals (+/- error margins) are integrated so that potential error range of the results can be easily understood.

Roland Liemberger