Hydraulic Modelling for Assessing and Planning Pressure Management Alternatives – Mohammed Shafei





Pressure management is an essential part of mitigating infrastructure deterioration that cause water loss. Finding the optimum pressure management solution can provide substantial improvements. However, finding the optimum pressure management solution is not a standard practice of most network design consultants or utility engineers. In this webinar an approach is demonstrated that uses commercially available modelling applications. The webinar will cover: -Network design rules of thumb for achieving good results in pressure management. -Accurately locating the average zone pressure (AZP) sampling point. -Objectively testing the effects of different solutions on leakage by tracking network average pressure. -Simulating and comparing time-based, flow-based, and set-point-based PRV and pump controllers. -Simulating leakage discharge exponent N1 using pressure dependant demand. No previous knowledge of hydraulic modelling is required.