The majority of the sessions at the North American Water Loss Conference & Exposition have been approved for Commissioner Training for board members of municipalities, counties, treatment authorities and utility district commissioners that oversee water systems in Tennessee.

The conference will feature presentations, panel discussions and learning modules from 100+ subject matter experts from North America and internationally. The Exhibit Hall will highlight 40+ leading technology and service providers – all dedicated to providing water loss solutions.

This is a great opportunity to reduce losses by educating board-level decision makers to support utility managers in developing cost-effective water loss control programs. Board-level officials and managers will learn to develop cost-effective water loss control programs to better manage water and financial resources.

The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has approved the following sessions for commissioner continuing education:

  • WED02 – Proactive Implementation of DMAS For Leakage Management
  • WED03 – Customer Metering Issues & Developments
  • WED04 – Learning Module 1 – Water Loss Audits and Data Validation
  • WED07 – Utility Accounts of Successful Water Loss Control Programs
  • WED09 – Panel Discussion: Navigating the Changing Regulatory Landscape
  • WED10 – Experience with Implementing Water Loss Reduction Program
  • WED13 – Learning Module 3 – New Performance Indicators for NRW Management
  • THU01 – Leak Detection Technologies
  • THU02 – Revenue Protection and Asset Management Technology
  • THU03 – Advancements in The Application of The Water Auditing Process
  • THU04 – Business Case Considerations for Implementing Water Loss Control Best Practices
  • THU06 – North American Regional Issues in Water Loss Control: Ky-Tn Programs
  • THU07 – Learning Module 4 – Customer Meter Management for Effective Revenue Protection
  • THU12 – Supporting Water Loss Control with Limited Funding
  • THU13 – Giving Water Away? The Importance of Service Line Sizing and Customer Meter Accuracy
  • THU14 – Water Loss Control Practices: End-To-End
  • THU15 – Learning Module 6 – Applying Advanced Leakage Control and Pressure Management
  • THU16 – Large System Water Utility (credit for presentations only)
  • THU17 – Medium System Water Utility (credit for presentations only)
  • THU19 – Real Water Loss Control.