Those who may have wished to attend the Sheffield Workshop on 8th September immediately after the Sheffield CCWI Conference, but could not get there for various reasons.  You can read something about what went on in


I’m pleased to advise you that Prof Kobus van Zyl’s Presentation from the Sheffield Workshop is now available for download from the LEAKSSuite website at Presentation 2017S , in the Theory and Concepts Table in the webpage. It’s shown as a PDF in a format where you can see and follow the commentary, slide by slide, at your own pace. For those who may like to see a more detailed account of the hydraulic theory, Kobus’s free paper on the ASCE website ASCE Journal of Hydraulic Engineering / Vol 143 Issue 9 – Sept 2017 has now received over 1000 downloads.

My Workshop presentation 2 on pressure:leak flow rates for practitioners has been on the LEAKSSuite website since 24th September, as Presentation 2017T.   My presentation 3 on pressure:bursts is still in process of being updated, meanwhile,  Presentation 2013J and Article 2013K can provide you with most of the relevant information.

All of the work by Kobus, myself and colleagues up to the Sheffield Workshop, and some since the Workshop (particularly on Night-Day Factors) has now been summarised in a new webpage FAVAD and N1 Update in the Influences of Pressure Info Hub. I am now working on updating the various webpages which are associated with these topics, but this may not be completed before New Year. Because of the new and more reliable Correction Factor method of calculating Night-Day Factor, which Is outlined near the end of FAVAD and N1 Update , and covered in more detail in, copied on the website yesterday, the free AZP&NDFCalcs software will  not be updated, and will no longer be issued.


Allan Lambert