There is a lesson to be learned no matter how difficult it is.
In any difficult situation there is a lesson to be learned , thus we have been trying to evidentiate some advantages that the current situation could create(coronavirus).
We are going to be reffering explicitly to the advantages that we , as water loss detectives , have in our job.
1. The emergency situation imposed by the spread of coronavirus has traffic restrictions — so water loss detection teams will be able to investigate even the most noisy areas in terms of road traffic.
2. Many daily activities were temporarily closed (factories, terraces, campuses and schools) – so investigations in these areas can be made much easier and with good results.
3. During night time (bars, clubs, etc.) and continuous industrial activities (working in shifts) monitoring the minimum flow in these areas is difficult to perform, now we can measure the real losses .
4. There is free time we can use to enrich our knowledge , reading technical materials is a source of inspiration for further water loss reduction related activities.
5. Attending webinars to discuss topics of common interest with colleagues.
6. Sharing knowledge and informations to students and other people that are interested by collaborating with universities and participating in online courses.
7. Testing and implementing remote working procedures (work from home, distance work, online meetings, phone-meetings) for monitoring, team coordination, reporting, team work, communication and related activities.
8.New challanges have arrived in team motivating , finding new solutions to classic once ,assuring productivity , KPI performance indicators, communication , leadership .
9. There is available labor force is aviable from activities that are closed for the moment and since the repatriation of those from abroad.
10. We can devote time for evaluations / for analysis / strategies / to ask questions and think about the future.
The challenges and benefits in the context of the emergency situation will surely lead to development and evolution.

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