The IWA Water Loss Specialist Group hopes that you are all keeping safe during these days of self isolation and social distancing. We understand that some of you may be getting a bit bored and restless, so we have decided to begin a new initiative, whereby we will be undertaking a series of free Water Loss related Webinars.


This initiative was only dreamt up last week, so we are still in the early stages of planning and things may change a bit as we move forward. But the current plan is that we will have three Webinars a week, one in Asia, Europe and the Americas, to enable as wide a coverage as possible. To limit costs we are using Zoom and have upgraded to enable 100 participants to join a 1 hour webinar.


The Webinars are proposed to be a maximum of 1 hour in length, with time given to one presenter to present on a topic of their choice, followed by Q&A. This timing may vary depending on the presenter and the interest that they receive through the Q&A.


To ensure that as many people can view the videos we have established a Youtube Channel, where all of the videos will be uploaded for future viewing free of charge.





Back to Basics – Roland Liemberger




Leakage management in times of drought – Carlos Berenhauser

The webinar will concentrate on the use of night time pressure management, as the main action when facing a drought, and the execution of performance based contracts before and after a drought. It will also discuss how facing a drought can show how so much more can be done, with examples from Sao Paulo.


Managing repair quality – Jo Parker



It doesn’t matter how many leaks are located, until they are repaired the leakage levels will not be affected. Repairing a leak can cost several times more than locating it and all too often a poor repair can lead to future leaks. In this webinar Jo Parker will draw on her worldwide experience to remind people of the fundamentals of making a good repair as well as introducing some new approaches which can speed up the repair and reduce disruption.