Date: Wed 22nd April 2020


Presenter: Alexandru Aldea


Title: Challenges for establishing the Water Balance



Quite often when someone sees or hears for the first time about the water balance, they tend to think that it is something that requires no more than basic arithmetic in order to calculate it. However, at the very first attempt to calculate a water balance in a real situation, pretty much everyone changes their opinion drastically. Further challenges await the person who starts calculating the water balance in countries or regions when there is very little knowledge about the IWA water balance and where usually there is very little data available. This kind of situation poses enough challenges even for a seasoned expert, so a beginner could be very easily overwhelmed or could make mistakes without realizing it. This webinar will tackle the most common mistakes that can be made under these circumstances with examples regarding every water balance component using WB-EasyCalc software. Several examples will be presented when the scarcity and unreliability of the data was partially mitigated by ultrasonic flow measurements.