Once upon a time, or better said, was and will always be a Granny who had a loving granddaughter, named Little Blue Riding Hood. Network Granny was old, almost 100 years old, with daily weights, hard dealing with heavy traffic congestion, full of trucks. She had high Pressure, and she lived alone in an earth made house. And adding to that she was haunted by wolves, like Faulty Wolfus, hungry creatures. All those weights have weakened her health. And she did not go for a health check at doctor, because it did not hurt so badly. “Better go to the pharmacy instead of a doctor, the chemist is also a doctor”, she used to say.

The granddaughter loved her grandmother and she was doing everything she knew to keep her in good health. One day her mother met an Expert Hunter, who was aware of grandmothers’ condition. Hunter advised her to buy a car. The Hunters’ advice was more complex than that, showing her that is not enough to have a car, you will need also a licensed driver, gas, mechanics, spare wheels, and the whole system should work as one. The mother wanted more simple methods: “we will buy a car, Little Blue Riding Hood will get a driving license, she will use the horn to scary the wolves, and we will buy also a tonometer and pills for Granny’s’ pressure.

A moth, two, three have passed and Granny’s condition was the same. The grandmother was terrified by the increasing wolves’ number, by the nearby noises and by disease – her runny nose was visibly, her head was aching due to lack of water.

With tears in her eyes, the mother called the Hunter and asked him:

  • Granny is not well. What can be done?
  • There are a lot to be done, but is not so simple. Are you shore you want to go further?
  • So let me tell you how my abroad aunt proceeds.
  • What can your aunt do differently than me? I did everything i could better: I bought the most expensive car, the most sophisticated horns, why I cannot banish the wolves? asked the mother
  • My aunt has learnt some essential things and has put them into practice. To succeed you need to know where it hurts, how bad it is and to interfere where is critical. You will need help and is time that the whole family to understand and get involved.

  • Uff, if I only knew how your aunt deals with the wolves!
  • I will tell you, I have been watching her for a long time, said the Hunter. She was exactly like your Granny, hunted by wolves. Now only a few more upset her. Look what it should be done. We need a surveillance system SCADA, mounted on each path DMA. There are darker paths and lighter paths, so we will need high performance systems. If we will know with what kind of wolves Granny is dealing with, we can put traps which will banish them. We will have a tracking system of all the neighbours which are walking nearby, which one is leaving and coming, who is having a picnic and who leave garbage behind. These will help us keep Grannys’ view safe from all those things that upset her, like waste, woods theft. We need continuous surveillance and quality and instant interventions.
  • That means a lot of money..said the mother
  • Actually it means to know where to interfere and to obtain the results you wanted. You can never change what you do not know, and you will never know the wolves’ number and the damages caused by them, if you don’t monitor the forest. Observing my aunt I found some amazing results. There is no need for a high investment; it can be start by pieces. In this way all the problems can be solved, in small steps.

Flower teas, for example are recommended and have to be harvest in their own time. There are four flowers with miraculous powers, flowers that we need to know and use.

  1. The first is Reparations Flower. This one is good any time. It recommends high quality flowers, with an efficient and instant response.
  2. The second is Activate Flower. It is good in memory lose cases, we need to know what kind of food we have in our storeroom, and at what date we have bought them, for not having spoiled food.
  3. The third is Pressure Flower, which helps the arteries a lot
  4. Wolfus Identification Flower is the forth and cannot be missing, it helps to find the hidden wolves

  • Now I get it.
  • But take this advice: you need to find your own tea recipe in order to obtain an efficient and successful tea.

Little Blue Riding Hood picked the flowers described by the Hunter. She and her mother have prepared a lot of infusions until they found the best combination for the Granny. Everyone had given a helping hand to footpaths cleaning and surveillance system assembling, at traps positioning. And like this everyone helped Network Granny to get back on her feet and to banish the hungry wolves.



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