Presenter: Martin Shaw
Title: Trunk main Monitoring

The webinar details how a water utility in Malaysia undertook a comprehensive leak and pressure monitoring program as part of a long-term goal of reducing their Non-Revenue Water. In the past, Air Selangor used a variety of techniques to identify leaks and bursts. However, there was still a need for a quicker response to minimise the runtime of leaks/bursts and the disruption caused.
Historically, the utility faced a long runtime of leaks before discovery, often due to the remote geographical location of its trunk main network. Furthermore, pressure transients were known to be an issue within the network, but without information of their sources or cause.
Partnering with Xylem, they deployed a 24/7 smart monitoring system to detect bursts and leaks on their large and often remote trunk main network. By monitoring for pressure transients and anomalous acoustic behavior, the identification of leaks and damaging operations was possible, reducing the run time of problems, and preventing bigger issues.