Recorded Videos and Presentations are ready to be viewed online.

You can access these through the Conference Website and there you need to click on “WATCH RECORDING”.

This will take you to Login page, where if you registered previously for the Live Conference, you can use your previous email and password. If you have forgotten your details, then you can select Email Verification Code and a code will be sent to your email enabling access. You can then change your password for future access.

If you did not previously register for the Live Conference, then you can now register for free, which will give you full access to all the videos and presentations.

Once you have logged in, you will enter your Personal Center, where you will need to click Live Playback to access the platform.

Once you enter the platform, you can then search for any videos you are interested in. use the Filter Topics function to narrow down the search and then scroll down to select a presentation. When you have chosen your presentation, click on GO Playback to start the recording.