In recent years, women have increasingly become involved in the field of water loss management and detection. This industry is extremely important because water loss can have a major impact on the environment and economy, as water resources are limited and must be used efficiently.

There are numerous advantages to having women on teams involved in water loss detection, coordinating detection activities, and creating and implementing water loss reduction strategies. Firstly, women bring a different perspective to the problem, are patient, and are able to find more innovative and efficient solutions. Additionally, women are very detail-oriented and can notice issues that may be overlooked by their male colleagues.

An example of a woman who has made a valuable contribution in this field is Catherine Stanton-Davies, Managing Director at WATER LOSS RESEARCH & ANALYSIS LTD. She has extensive experience in water loss management and is recognized as an expert in this field. Jo Parker, Technical Director specializing in buried asset management, particularly in the water industry, is another example of a woman who has made a valuable contribution in this field.

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Furthermore, there are numerous women involved in water loss detection at the local level in Romania, such as Mirela Popescu, water loss management expert, KAJNÁK LEILA ZSOFIA, water loss engineer at Aquaserv Târgu Mureș, Gabriela Lefter, engineer at Apanova Ploiesti, irina Munteanu Apanova Bucuresti, Gabriela Lupăncescu -CAO, Ana Maria Jurju – Envirotronic, Sabina Pistol – Klarwin or Iulia Mihai, CEO at Cefain. These women are examples of strong and passionate leaders who work to find solutions to water loss problems and to use water resources efficiently.

More examples of women who have made valuable contributions in this field include Daniela Fuchs-Hanusch, Mary Ann Dickinson, Marion Liemberger, Sarah Bentley, Peter Simpson, Liv Garfield, Susan Davy, Heidi Mottram, Nicola Shaw, Aurelie Chazerain, Dijana Draganovic,  Milene Aguiar, Afke Stellingwerff,  Rana AL Beshtawi , Romalyn (Romalyn Uy) Malsi and Sara Venning. These are just a few examples of women who have made valuable contributions in this field, and the list can go on.

Women play an important role in water loss detection and management. By bringing a different perspective, women can bring more innovative and efficient solutions to the fight against water loss. It is important to recognize these contributions and to encourage more women to get involved in this important and vital field for our society. This article is a tribute to all the women working in this field and their efforts to make the water supply system more efficient and sustainable.